Repair Your Motorcycle's Gas Tank If The Paint Is Chipping Off

19 May 2015
 Categories: Automotive, Blog


If your motorcycle tipped over onto the ground and the paint on the gas tank is slightly chipped, you can repair it by following some basic guidelines. After you are finished, your motorcycle will appear to be in the same condition that it was in before the accident occurred.

Use The Following List Of Materials

  • soapy water
  • sponge
  • water hose
  • hand sander
  • sandpaper (various grits)
  • dry cloth
  • drop cloth
  • spray primer
  • painter's tape
  • touch up spray paint
  • rubbing compound
  • buffing pad

Clean And Sand The Gas Tank

Clean the surface that is damaged with soapy water and a sponge. Once all signs of dirt are removed, rinse the surface with a hose. The tank needs to be clean so that you can assess how much damage is present.

Attach a piece of low grit sandpaper to a sander and move it over the damaged areas. The sandpaper will remove loose pieces of paint and will provide the tank with a smooth surface. After the surface feels smooth to your touch, lightly sand the surface with a piece of fine grit paper. Rinse the tank off with water and dry it well with a clean cloth.

Apply Primer And Paint

Apply painter's tape to the areas on your motorcycle that surround the sanded section. This will protect them from being exposed to the primer. Apply an even coat of primer to the sanded surface. Stand several inches away from your motorcycle as you complete this step so that the primer is applied smoothly and does not drip. Wait for the primer to dry. Apply a coat of spray touch up paint to the primed area.

Touch up paint can be matched perfectly with the original color of your motorcycle. This will ensure that you receive professional looking results. After the touch up paint dries, add a second coat if the color of the repaired area appears to be a little bit lighter than the color of the rest of the tank. 

Buff The Tank's Surface

Apply a small amount of rubbing compound to a buffing pad. Rub the pad over the repainted portion of your tank. The compound will smooth out the edges of the fresh paint so that they blend in evenly with the rest of the tank. Once the compound has a hazy appearance, wipe off the surface of the tank with a lint free cloth. Your motorcycle will appear to be damage free and you can proudly ride it around town again. 

If you need more assistance with repairs, contact a local collision center.