Finding Good Value On New Tires

4 June 2015
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Replacing the tires on your vehicle is a simple maintenance issue, and though time frames can vary based on how heavily you use your car it's still a good idea to look for the best value. Very high-end tires can cost thousands of dollars, but for anyone driving a family sedan or a soccer-mom van the price tag should be considerably lower. In order to simplify your search, and get the most for your money, there are several places you can focus your efforts and a few things to look for from retailers.

Which Vendor for What Service?

Virtually any business that works on cars also sells tires and will put them on for you, but it's best to focus on businesses that specialize in it. Not only will tire specialists do a higher volume of sales, resulting in a lower overhead cost, they'll be more knowledgeable about the tires they sell than a general automotive shop. This includes used tire shops, many of which also have brand new tires in stock along with their used inventory.

Pick out a few different tire stores, and get quotes from each on the size that's right for your vehicle, in writing if possible. The tire size and type can be found on the sidewall of the tire, but this alone won't give you the final cost of your tires. It will give you a starting point though, so keep any written quotes on hand for future reference and potential use.

What's in a Quote?

Make sure you ask specific questions about what is included in the quote, as many tire stores only quote the price of the tire, rather than including the cost of installation, balancing or rotation. Inquire about the longevity of the tires you'd be getting, both in total distance driven and time in use. If they're willing to give you specific details, chances are there is a warranty available for the tires you're buying, so ask if that has been included on the quote.

If you do have a written quote that considerably undercuts the competition, it's time to evaluate the shop itself. Many tire stores offer price matching, allowing you to get the lowest price while matching it with a higher quality of service, so pay attention to the facility and the people you deal with while shopping around.

When shopping for tires, remember that there's more involved than simply buying four rubber donuts. To get the best possible value for your money, you'll want to pay attention to both the final cost, the service included, and the facility that will be doing the work. A truly good value will give you the best of all three.

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