Fluids You Have To Change Before Storing Your Car

19 June 2015
 Categories: Automotive, Blog


If you're going to be storing your vehicle for the winter, or it's going to sit for a few months without being driven, you want to focus on a few things. If you take the time to care for the oil, brake fluid and gas in the vehicle, you can help preserve the car for when you're ready to drive it again. Proper preparation can extend your vehicle life. You can change these fluids on your own, or take the vehicle to a professional auto shop to have the work done. Ask to have the following things serviced:


Dirty oil will start to break down and the acids can do significant damage to the motor. It's important to have your motor oil changed and the filter replaced before you store the vehicle for a long period of time. It will also break down and won't lubricate as it should if it sits for a long period of time. You also want to have it topped off, to prevent condensation from getting into the oil.

Brake Fluid

The brake fluid should be replaced as well before you store the vehicle. Brake fluid attracts water like a magnet clings to metal, and will get diluted over time. The fluid extracts humidity out of the air and reduces the fluids boiling point, makes it thicker, and stimulates corrosion and rust.


Fill the gas tank all the way full and top is off so condensation in the fuel tank doesn't dilute the fuel. This can prevent the vehicle from getting bad gas in the lines, which cause the car to stutter and stall, and it can do damage to the engine. You also want to add a fuel stabilizer to the fuel when you add the gas.  

Changing temperatures will cause condensation to occur, and humidity is a natural occurrence, so you need to protect the fluids in your vehicle from dilution. Even if you are storing your vehicle in a temperature controlled storage center, you should have all of the fluids changed and the vehicle tuned-up before it's stored.

You also may want to add air to the tires so the tires don't get flat spots, and you should disconnect the battery. Disconnecting the battery and keeping it in a heated garage or basement will extend the battery life as well. Follow these tips and drive your car out of storage without a problem. To learn more, contact a company like Big Mechanic with any questions you have.