4 Benefits Of Using A Portable Traffic Signal

7 August 2015
 Categories: Automotive, Blog


When thinking about pieces of construction equipment that are absolutely vital to the success of a company, portable traffic signals may not immediately come to mind. But there are many benefits to using a portable traffic signal instead of individuals with flags or signs ("flaggers") during the course of a construction project. Read on below to discover just four benefits of using portable traffic signals, and how your next construction project can make things easier for both construction workers and drivers. 


When using flaggers to move drivers through a construction project, it may often be the case that drivers are confused about the exact meaning of a flag, or may not be able to read the language on a specific sign. With portable traffic signals, there's no such confusion. Drivers know when to proceed and when to halt for construction workers, and traffic signals with cameras attached can record violators more easily.


Though having a rotation of workers on flagging duty doesn't often put a huge strain on scheduling demands, but it's undeniable that using a portable traffic signal frees workers who would otherwise be occupied as flaggers, allowing them to assist in finishing the project at hand. This contributes to a more effective workforce and a project that, more often than not, is completed before it would have been had no portable traffic signal been used. 


Although maintenance workers are rarely injured by motorists who drive through a construction zone, accidents do unfortunately occur, and involve in disproportionate numbers those workers who are directing traffic through a given site. But by eliminating the need for flaggers, a portable traffic signal in turn decreases the number of instances in which a maintenance worker is liable to be seriously injured by oncoming traffic. 


One of the biggest benefits of owning or renting a portable traffic signal is that it can be used in a wide variety of circumstances. Though portable traffic signals are most commonly seen during pavement repair projects, they can also be used during maintenance on roads or bridges, as well as by local law enforcement in emergency situations. Law enforcement can also use portable traffic signals during special events that invite a heavy flow of traffic. Sporting events are just one example in which officers and event personnel put themselves at serious risk to direct traffic that could be handled by a portable signal. 

Keep in mind that if you're not sure whether a portable traffic signal will meet your needs, you can always rent one from a company like Street Smart Rental and try it out before buying your own.