Preparing A Forklift For Transport

25 November 2015
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If you need to move a forklift from one company to another, you will need to take proper precautionary steps in ensuring it is safe during transport. Forklifts are heavy and can tip or roll if not secured before being hauled. For this reason, most people will hire an equipment hauling company to ensure that the forklift arrives to its destination without damage. If you have a flatbed truck of your own and are confident you can make the haul yourself, use these tips to prepare your forklift for the ride.

Install Anchor Blocks

Before you attempt to drive your forklift up ramps to the flatbed, anchor blocks should be installed to help keep the forklift from rolling while in transit. These can be purchased from an industrial supplier or at a hardware store. Use screws to secure the blocks into the floor of a wooden flatbed surface. Concrete, thick wood, or metal blocks would be sufficient in helping to block wheels from rolling. Measure the wheel span on your forklift to help place the blocks in the appropriate area on the floor. Screw in the first row and wait until the forklift is in place before adding the additional blocks for stability.

Disconnect Energy Sources

If you have a propane forklift, the fuel lines should be closed off so there is no leakage during transport. If your forklift is run by gas or diesel, it is best to transport the forklift with minimal liquid on board to avoid the chance of a fire. Drain the tank leaving only enough to drive the forklift off the flatbed when it arrives at its destination. Disengage the battery terminals so there is no chance of an electrical arcing occurrence during the haul.

Secure The Forklift

Drive your forklift, forks forward, onto the flatbed. Make sure the forks are in the lowest position and maneuver the vehicle so the wheels line up against the anchor blocks you had placed before. Screw in the additional anchor blocks to keep the forklift in place. Use heavy-duty chains and nylon straps to secure the forklift to the interior of the flatbed area. Additional metal loops can be installed to the floor and flatbed walls to help contain the forklift if necessary. Wrap a strap or chain around each of the four roll-cage uprights and secure to a metal loop. Make sure to engage the emergency brake on the forklift to help keep it in place as well.

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